Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thank-you, Garbage

I've been kinda buggin' over my youtube channel lately. Worrying if people will like what I upload - how well it'll be received (or not). I think about the 16yr olds who watch my channel & wonder if they'll unsubscribe when I say something old lady-ish? Or if I look too much like their mom?

And then I saw Shirley Manson & Garbage in concert, hallelujah!

Shirley Manson is 45 and remains more powerful, beautiful, articulate and artistic as ever! My girlfriend & I danced all night, remembering the songs that defined our 20s:
"This life can turn a good girl bad
She was the sweetest thing
That you had ever seen.."
- Cherry Lips 

Then I took photos in the bathroom, naturally..
This dress is featured in my "3 Spring Dresses" video if you want to see it LIVE. 
(I know .. I gotta stop with the hands on the hip thing)
So after gettin' all pumped up at the concert (also by someone on Jezebel calling me a "baller") I decided I'm not gonna worry about it anymore. 
I am 38, I've earned these wrinkles and yes, I may act like your mom. Or maybe like your mom after a few drinks! I can't please everyone on the internet & I aint gonna die trying.

Thank you, Shirley. You're the bestest.
xoxo BHB


  1. #1: She's 45? God bless me if I look that good in a couple of years.

    #2: What the hell's a 'baller'?

  2. I'm telling you she tore it up on stage too! hotness.

    Here is the "baller" definition from Urban Dictionary, just for you Megan!!

    A thug that has "made it" to the big time. Originally refered ball players that made it out of the streets to make millions as a pro ball player, but now is used to describe any thug that is living large.

    LOLZ right?

  3. Go baby go go! We're right behind you <3
    (just keep on rocking like Shirley)

  4. I'll stand behind the baller definition and Shirley Manson is awesome! 44 y/o Kisses from Santa Fe !!!

  5. thanks studiomoderne & anon, I appreciate the support.

  6. It's so amazing to see someone who is a mom, has fun, enjoys fashion & beauty, is a wife, etc. etc. Love you, BHB!
    Please keep doing exactly as you've been doing!
    Xo, a 20-something fan

  7. Fantastic post. Shirley Manson looks great. You've still got it going on, BHB. You are the cool mom. Love the leather jacket over the polka dots -- you *are* ballin'.

  8. This is a beautiful, hot, inspiring post! I love it ALL! You look amazing! & Shirley is so bad-ass!

  9. Be who you are and don't stop to think what others will or will not like. You're doing this to express yourself, not others. That's what I do in my blog and I'm happy!

  10. Yes, there will be people that won't like what you do, but try not to worry about it - they can go elsewhere. In my opinion, (and I'm sure, most people who aren't trolls, who write horrible things just for the sake of being horrible, not because they actually think whatever it is), you are awesome - I love your look and your videos are well put together and informative. I've learnt tonnes off of them.
    Keep it up!
    Katherine (32 and proud!)

  11. Thank you, BHB! You are the bestest! I may only be 25, but I adore you! Keep the videos and blogposts coming! :-) M

  12. I absolutely adore your videos and blog! :D You don't sound anything like an old lady to me :) Even if you did I wouldn't care :)

  13. God, I love Shirley. She's always been so cool, and never sold out. Meanwhile, I love every video you make. I've never once thought that something you've said/done it old lady or whatever. It's always relevant, helpful and you. <33 xxx

  14. wow du siehst toll aus! du siehst irgendwie anders als sonst aus aber definiiv sehr hübsch! ich liebe deine haare und vertraue auf deine tipps! Ich wünsche dir viel glück in deiner neuen Heimat!


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