Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting Ready!

(I posted a progress update today on my Weightloss Wanda channel so check that out here if you're interested)
This nicely sums up how I felt about running a year ago. I admired others who ran, but never really took to it.

However, since January, I've been adding weekly runs into my workout routine and I find them satisfying and an effective way to burn calories. Lately there are many occasions where I'm eating high calorie foods and/or drinking wine or beer. It's summer! I'm in Germany! The German football team just made it to the quarterfinals!
see what I mean?!
Speaking of the German National Team, 
have you met Mario Gomez? 
He's been featured on my blog &
is a popular theme in my twitter feed
My husband gave me a totally fun & kitschy Mario Gomez puzzle yesterday that made me laugh & love my husband even more for being a good sport 
So back to running! 
I've been running everyday for the past week in preparation for our France vacation in July. As you can see from my photo above, there will be a lot of French cooking going on.  
I do not plan on watching what I eat, but I do plan on running and exercising everyday. Double bonus is that my runs will be in the beautiful French countryside!
For dance, zumba or step class a regular sports bra from Target will do the job, but for running I splurge on NIKE's victory sport bras. The compression fit gives a lot of support and there's no chaffing or irritation!

In terms of playlists while running I'm obsessed with Sarah's mix over at ! I plan to add my favorites shortly, but I can say when I run I like a lotta pop music :-)

Hope you are all doing well, BHB


  1. I looove Julia Child! Her books are amazing. I recomment her spinach soufflé, it's delicious!

  2. I also love the "dri fit" sports bras from Nike. What shoes are you using? I'm excited for any kind of plylist inspiration, its not like sounds of nature will keep me motivated enough! LOL Enjoy your trip!!! Marie

  3. I think it's amazing that you take time to care for your body every day! I tried it, but it didn't last for long. Youäve now inspired me to start excersising more again, and I will definately not postpone that run I've promised myself to go on for a week now! Have a beautiful week! xo

  4. OMG. Wo gibts denn dieses Puzzle von Mario? :)
    Mein Mann hat mir von REWE die Mario Gomez Sammelkarte mitgebracht und aus den Kinderriegeln den Sticker :)
    Ich bin froh zu sehen, dass es Dir ähnlich geht wie mir :) Keine meiner Freundinnen versteht mich. Alle finden ihn :)


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