Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christina Hendrick's inspired Copper Red Hair

girls. it was time for a change.
armed with 2 photos I made my way to the salon ...
watch my video to see the results!
xoxo BHB


  1. It looks beautiful- such a lovely shade on you!

  2. I saw your pic on Instagram ( I follow you) and commented.... I really love this suits you so very well..

    Instagram @dianadoodlebug

  3. It looks really fabulous on you.
    I just went the same way with copper red.
    The problem is maintenance.
    It washed out so easily.

  4. Yay for dying your hair red. So exciting! I tried a few times but never really succeeded. I wish I had red hair though.

    I just started video blogging as well! It's scary! Hats off to you :)

  5. Very nice. Hair cutting is very good, I really like this.Really it is time for change. Hair Stylist

  6. Jessica Chastain is gorgeous, her hair and skin are radiant. The copper red hair isn't easy to pull off, but from the looks of it you got there


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