Thursday, September 12, 2013

Side Bun in Two Minutes, Work or Play!

Hi Ladies, here is a very simple look for the office or hot date - you decide!
 The key is to bring the hair all the way over to the ear so your neck mobility isn't compromised. 
I hate it when updos are fussy and impractical so here's one that all girls can wear with ease!
ps: in this photo I'm wearing eyelash extensions! if you're interested in hearing about them check out this video
xoxo BHB

Sunday, July 28, 2013

What My Family Learns in France

Every summer we pack up and head to a teensy tiny village in Normandy, France:
The 17th century houses are made of brick and flint, 
surrounded by beautiful rose bushes and vines
In the evenings we eat outside and grill fish, vegetables and fruit (have you ever tried grilled peaches? so delicious!) bought at local markets.
there is no internet. no television. no DVD player or xbox. 
Our family chats and jokes at dinner, plays dominos and then goes off to read or sleep. 
In a world with so much screen time, driving and traffic, we need this time to relax, walk and disconnect.
my son and I feed the mare & pony carrots every morning 
and then hit the beach 
We also work in time for culture
including the gothic Bayuex cathedral that is so elegant and massive and truly mind boggling.
As I've written about here traveling with my son who is Autistic can be difficult. 
But lately I've found that indulging his desires (beach time, visiting the horses, carousels, french fries with lunch!)  
makes him more willing the following day to indulge in our interests - cathedrals, tapestries, palaces. 
Before we enter a church (or abby or museum) I tell him "20 minutes" and we look at our watches and note the time. For the next 20 minutes my son knows its not time to be loud or disruptive, but to look around quietly at fascinating things. Sometimes he likes it and is eager to join me, other times he wants to pass the time alone on a church pew or museum bench. And sometimes it doesn't work. at all.

We've come very far with his ability to be flexible and do what mama & papa want to do! I'm hopeful that 20 minutes will turn into an hour over the next years and one day we scarcely won't need to look at our watches...
Our vacation in France is also a great opportunity to spend time with my mom. Mother-daughter relationships arent always carefree, but away from daily life and stress, we shop together, laugh and explore.

I feel so lucky to have this opportunity with my family each year as it's so vital to our mental health. I hope all of you have a chance to relax and enjoy time with your loved ones this summer.
xoxo BHB

Thursday, July 11, 2013

How I'm Getting Rid of Sun Spots! Dermalogica C-12 Concentrate

I've had tremendous success with Dermalogica and I'd like to share it with ya'll. Last spring I was like "WHATS HAPPENING WITH MY DAMN SKIN?" All of a sudden sun/pigment spots were coming OUT of the wood work.  Yes, I was in the sun a lot as a kid. Now I'm mainly a spray tan girl and avoid direct sun on my face. If I put foundation or a bit of cover-up on the spots they're mostly hidden, BUT I hate wearing a lot of foundation. 
My goal for aging gracefully is: LESS IS MORE
Dermalogica C-12 concentrate, $90 at ULTA

After doing some on-line research and asking the girl at ULTA 5.6 million questions, I decided to spring for Dermalogica's C-12 concentrate. I say "spring" because generally speaking paying more than $50 for a beauty product is outta my league.
Here are my results after 3 weeks

I think the spots are noticeably lighter!
I use it 2x per day (morning + night) and the feedback I've heard from everyone is that you have to be consistent with skin lightening products and use them until the end. The active ingredients of C12 are Peptides combined with Amino Acids which resurface and retexture the skin to even out tone. In addition, plant extracts brighten the skin.

I'm really excited about lightening up these tricky sun/pigment spots. Let me know if any of you have tried this product and what success you've had (or not) in the comments section!

xoxo BHB

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

She Wore Flowers in Her Hair

I've been wearing lots of flowers & daises in my hair this summer and they go perfectly with a crown braid.  
This tutorial shows you how to do a crown braid and by adding a little "twist" to the hair you can achieve a lot more volume
Every where you look, roses are blooming in Germany!
On mid summer's eve I wore my hair in a french braid tuck with a daisy crown.  
Both flower head pieces are available at HM and are current
This video shows you how to achieve the simple french tuck above
Greetings from a sunny and warm Berlin where we're currently on vacation

Lastly, for a glimpse of our life at the Baltic Sea check out my video above. 
I wish you a rosey & daisy filled summer

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Must Haves

Color block maxi's from H.C.B a steal at $44
my beaded sandals from Berlin & fresh pedi
exercising at sunset to admire the sky 
(and stay out of the heat!)
 summer's non hectic schedule means more time with my boy
Barely there make-up focusing on even skin tone & flirty eyelashes using Diorshow Lash Maximizer 
Fat free fro-yo with animal crackers on top!
summer bling for the beach (via pinterest)
Essie's Boom Boom Room is summery and girly.
xoxo BHB
ps: packing now for Germany and France and getting excited! hope you are all fabulous

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Electric Orange Wrap Dress & Sienna Miller inspired Braids

Picked up a perky, electric orange wrap dress at Steinmart a few weeks ago and wore it to a friend's garden party last night
I paired it with faux coral accessories, also from Steinmart
I love how colorful the outfit turned out and received some nice compliments at the party.
Hey how you doin??
For hair, I wore Ellie Saab inspired runway braids (above) which are perfect for summer! Tip: Part hair in middle and begin braids as close as possible to part.
I've also been LOVING these Sienna Miller inspired braids lately  
(I'm assuming that's Sienna Miller - looks like her, no?)
My Heart Braid Tutotial will show you how to get this look AND tricks for making your braids look super full and bodacious!
Lastly here's a few snaps from my mom's 70th birthday! 
(I'm wearing same dress in navy blue)
Me, Sister, Mom

It was such a lovely luncheon and day. 
I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with my mom!
xoxo BHB

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Portland Guide & A Pretty Bun

Last week I visited friends in Portland, Oregon. The Pacific Northwest is foreign territory to me so I was excited to go and explore. I look forward to getting to know this beautiful part of the U.S. better. 

In many ways the progressive environmental politics, number of bike commuters (and bike friendly roads) 
plus solid public transportation reminded me of Berlin and several other European cities. I wish more American cities would promote eco-friendly commuting options.
The city has fabulous street art, including this little shrine  that was attached to a stop sign.
I'm a wine enthusiast and enjoyed sampling different Pinto Noir's hailing from nearby Willamette Valley. 
I also enjoyed the various beards+beard stylings on Portland men! The beard is no longer just for hipsters & homeless men, ladies.
We saw the Ben Miller band at Mississippi studios one night and I was blown away by their Appalachia meets blue grass, meets honky tonk sound. The lead singer has a raw, soulful voice. Notice the gentleman on left playing the washtub bass.
Check Ben Miller Band out here:
St. John's bridge over the Willamette River
Mississippi Studios is a great place to catch live music
A pretty saturday spent strolling around Nob Hill & sampling 
a glass of cava
My hotel was a former elementary school called The Kennedy School that included a hot soaking pool that filled up with kids, friends & lovers
My room was a former classroom and very quaint (including 2 chalk boards!)
We ate at many fine establishments but Tin Shed was one of my favorites.  I also loved Tasty & Sons.
The Quest statue in downtown Portland
If you follow me on instagram then you know I was super! pumped! up! to see Morrissey on Friday evening
The sold out show was amazing - I was so pleased to hear Morrissey's full baritone, a few Smith's songs from my youth and his bizarre, understated humor.

I am the son, I am the heir,
Of a shyness that is criminally vulgar,
I am the son and heir,
Of nothing in particular,

You shut your mouth
how can you say,
I go about things the wrong way,
I am human and I need to be loved,
just like everybody else does,

--from 'How Soon is Now'?

Here's my look from the concert and below please find my tutorial on how to create this super feminine and fun ballerina bun:
Enjoy xoxo
berlin hair baby